Because giving birth in the bath has many advantages, you can rent a birth bath from me. It is the 'La Bassine', the most sold and sought after birth bath in the world. It is a very comfortable birth 'Cocoon', where your birth partner can join you if desired. You are weightless and the warm water helps you and your perineum relax. Water births are usually smoother and faster. Also, it has an enormous pain-killing effect. Pain medication is much less used with water births.

This bath is of the highest quality, phthalates, lead and cadmium free. Super strong and sturdy, specially developed by a mother and a midwife, as a birth bath. It is made of extra-thick eco vinyl, so you can easily lean on the edge. The bottom can also be inflated so that everything is comfortable. Because of the transparent side, the midwife can easily look underwater. The blue color and special shape ensure optimum comfort. There are handy placed handles.

For the baby, it is a very pleasant and peaceful transition, from warm amniotic fluid to warm water. bevalbad Het bad los

It is best to fill the bath with water of approximately 38 to 39 degrees. This is comfortable for you and your baby. The water cools on average 1 degree per hour and if you use the supplied cover this is even less. It is advisable to add 1 to 2 kilos of natural sea salt to the bath in order to minimize the loss of minerals from your body because of the low-mineral water (such as tap water). Do you know that dull tired feeling after a bath? You need your energy, so keep your minerals inside. It is also nicer for the little ones. After all, your eye drops or nasal spray have a little salt in it because otherwise, they are painful.

Your partner fits in this bath, although it is not very spacious. It also fits well in the small Amsterdam living rooms. You can also bring it to another birthing location.

All-Inclusive Rent: 175, -
(For parents from my course only: 165,-)

The rent is for five weeks and includes:

- La Bassine Birth Pool

- Basic Rental Birth Package:

1 Manual 
1 A bottom sheet to protect your floor.
1 Electric air pump for the bath.
2 Faucet connectors (fit any standard faucet).
1 Cover to keep the water temperature when you want to get out of the bath for a break, visit the toilet etc.
1 Ecological filling hose. (A standard garden hose contains toxic substances.)
1 Ecological drain hose.
1 Electric submersible pump for emptying the bath.

- Basic Purchase:
1 personal ecological disposable cover, which is tailor-made for the bath and guarantees hygienic use.

- A gift for your baby:
1 cute thermometer. Disinfect it afterward (ask your maternity help if necessary) and use it for the baby bath.


Optional to order:

- Fantastic Atlantic fine Sea salt per kilogram: 3

- Extra personal cover: 35    

- Scooping net: 3

- (Extra) bath thermometer: 3

- Extra week rent 30, - (The extra week is only possible if the bath is not reserved for that period, or if you book it immediately.) Ik in het bad slideshow

You can come and collect the set. Otherwise, the shipping costs are 20 euros. Return shipping will be for your own costs.

The filling takes on average 15 to 40 minutes, it depends on the height and power of your supply tap, test this yourself with your cover in it. Then you know for sure that you know how it all works. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are also children's pools that are sold/rented out as birth baths. However, these contain toxic substances that are released when hot water is added to the baths. These are small quantities, but for a newborn baby, it is relatively high and unhealthy. 


To all of this, our Terms and Conditions apply. (Email me if you need a translated version.)