Congratulations on your pregnancy!


HypnoBirthing is a complete pregnancy course, and the ideal way to prepare for a relaxed birth. You will experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear that prevents the muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain. We will work with self-hypnosis and relaxation, which gives you more control over your body and thoughts. You receive a lot of information about the birthing system in The Netherlands, and about how women's and baby's bodies work. You also learn to activate your body's strongest painkillers, 33 times stronger than hospital medication.
Your birth partner becomes an important part of the birth team. You will be in charge and make well-informed decisions. Because of the deep zwangere houd buik vast contact baby lachtrelaxation, the birth will be smoother and faster, often even without pain! This way, you and your birth partner can create the birthing experience of your desire.

It's all quite logical. With the right preparation and hormonal stimuli, you can work with your body. Many women have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labor; and because of this, women today hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth. This extreme fear causes their bodies to become tense, and that tension prohibits their bodies from easily performing a normal physiological function. The result is exactly what they feared most–long, painful birthing or unnecessary intervention. Yet some women who use HypnoBirthing don't even experience any pain at all! 

People who are drawn to HypnoBirthing have long been searching for a way to give birth confidently and as calmly, safely, and gently as possible, whether they have chosen to birth in a hospital, a birthing center, or at home. Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, women learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and they are helped to see birth as normal. They learn to trust that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

By taking this course we start a positive cycle, of happy births, good experiences, and great stories to tell. This will empower other women, give them self-esteem and help them trust their own bodies. Your body already knows how to birth your baby, let her.